Vendor Spotlight: Kanara Candles
July 9, 2019


Vendor Spotlight: Ceramics in Harmony

Beautiful pottery work from Ceramics in Harmony can be found on display at the Wanaka Artisan Market regularly.

After studying pottery full-time in Dunedin, New Zealand, John has gone on to work as a full-time potter since 1980 and now runs and operates his own workshop in Invercargill on New Zealand’s South Island.

The subtle and beautiful art of pottery has fascinated John from the start, and the simple process through which “the clay is transformed from a soft to a hard form”, John relishes the “challenge to retain the natural qualities of the clay and create a harmonious blend with the glazes that is both pleasing to the eye and functional in form”

“All my pottery is made from clay that I obtain from Southland.

I blend 3 clays in my workshop to produce stoneware pottery

that is fired in either gas or wood fired kilns.”

A few questions with John the potter:

What made you decide to get started in craft markets?

It is a good way to sell my pottery and to meet the people that are going to use the pots I make, and it is good for the customers to meet me and to learn more about the making process

How long have you been running a market stall for?

I have been going to the Artisans market for 4 years and to other markets for 45years.

What do you love most about the Wanaka Artisan Market?

The market is in a very good setting and there is a good variety of people from a lot of different countries.

Why Wanaka, what makes this place so amazing?

The scenery, and the people that Wanaka attracts, both stall holders and customers alike.


Head down to the Wanaka Artisan Market every Thursday afternoon between 3 and 6pm (weather permitting), say hello to John, and take a look through his beautiful range of pottery works.