Koonie Bandanas

Deep Creek Delicatessen
June 27, 2017
La Fée
June 27, 2017

Having sat on a chairlift feeling the frizzle of Mr Cold on my face one too many times , I decided that it was time to take things into my own hands. I wanted a face protector that not only was functional, but looked good and was FUN!

The first Koonie Bandana was born in 2010, post finishing a Ski Patrol course in Wanaka New Zealand, and prior to Moving to Switzerland for what was to be 6 months. I took a stock of 7 Koonies with me to Switzerland to help fund the journey, my Swiss stay lasted 4 years, not 6 Months!

Koonie Bandanas operated from Switzerland for just over a year. I then returned to Wanaka NZ to set up life Kiwi style again which has taken it’s time, therefore Koonie’s have been in Hibernation until now. Bring on warm, fun faces for Winter 2017!! 🙂